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About Tim

In 1996 a small and dedicated group of fans began gathering at the Sports Depot in Boston to watch their beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. Most of the group was originally from the 'Burgh, but had moved to the Boston area for one reason or another.


One of those original diehards was Tim Hoffman. Tim helped lead the group and was one of the first to bring structure to the gatherings. Though the Steelers would fall to the Cowboys in that year's Super Bowl, the seeds of something great had been planted.

Twenty-five years later we've changed venues a few times, added a couple thousand friends, and continue to grow louder by the year. The group has been the backdrop for countless memories, a few good cries, and a lifetime of friendships. Through it all, Tim (in his #43 Polamalu jersey) has been a constant fixture, yelling "FIRST DAHN!" as the Steelers moved the chains and leading the gang into chants of "Here We Go Steelers!"

In December of 2020, we learned that Tim had been diagnosed with ALS, a tough blow in the midst of an already terrible year. Tim's a fighter though. With strong support from friends, family, and his adopted home of Walpole, Tim is taking the battle to ALS.


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