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Official Koozie

Updated Release: Spring 2024

If you remember the early days of the Yinz in Boston era, then you know that koozies are in our DNA. We created and sold a custom koozie featuring the classic Steelers typeface during the 2014 season. That koozie was actually the first physical object to sport the Yinz in Boston moniker. We followed that up with a WDVE-themed Koozie in 2015 and a Heinz inspired koozie in 2017 before taking a few years off.


2024 will mark the return of the legend. We’re in the early stages of designing an all new koozie that will feature our refreshed Yinz in Boston logo. 


Sign up for a membership today and you’re guaranteed a Koozie. Even better, all members will have a chance to weigh in on the design process. 

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