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I've never used Zoom before. Is it difficult to learn?

​In order to join the trivia match you'll need to download and install Zoom. As far as software goes, Zoom is very straightforward and user friendly. It's become the most popular video conferencing app on the planet for a reason!


Our friends over at Sporcle have put together a how to guide that will walk you through all the features you may need to interact with throughout the course of the contest. We'll also leave some time at the beginning of the match to make sure everyone is comfortable with the software.

I purchased a trivia entry. How do I obtain a meeting ID?

If you've purchased entry into the Trivia Night Fundraiser, you'll receive an email from Sporcle prior to the event with details on how to join the match. There isn't much to it - just a unique URL that you'll click.

Will other players be able to see me during the game?

Not if you don't want them to! You have the option of disabling your camera for some or all of the contest.

Will I interact with other teams?

​Virtual live trivia is team based - you'll spend nearly half of the match discussing answers and hanging out with your team in a private breakout room. The remainder of the match is spent in the main room with the host. There is room for interaction between teams, but it's limited.

What is the format of the trivia game?

Sporcle Live is a unique form of trivia in which teams wager based on their confidence. The game has 10 entertaining questions in the regular round, a four-part themed Mystery Round, and a Final Question that dares teams to go big or go home.

Is this a competitive trivia contest or a fun social gathering?

​Both! You can play to win, or you can play to hang with a couple dozen yinzers while also supporting a great cause.

We don't care either way!

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